Training Tools for Street Fighter 5

Hit Box Viewer

View live hitboxes and hurtboxes in game.

Accurate units to analyze hit and hurt box sizes.

Now includes a Debug Mode to help with testing and troubleshooting.

Display live advantage data on the fly. [New!]

Analyze player distances with a On Screen Display ruler.

Planned Features

Customise which hitboxes are active.

Installation Notes

  1. Download and install the latest FTV - Hit Box Viewer (this will install SlimDX and .NET Dependencies)
  2. Run Steam as Administrator
  3. Run FTV Hit Box Viewer as Administrator
  4. Enjoy Street Fighter V Hitboxes

Director - Coming soon

Control the in-game camera.

Script the camera to follow characters and override cinematic.

Combo Trainer - Coming soon

Time your combos using audio cues.

Automatically play and tweak combos in training mode.